5 stories that made us smile in 2016
5 stories that made us smile in 2016
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5 stories that made us smile in 2016 Picture used for representative purpose only
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5 stories that made us smile in 2016

Some stories just make your day! No matter where you are or what you are doing, these extraordinary tales of grit and hope never fail to get a smile out of you. So we at City Spidey thought why not share them with readers yet again, to usher in New Year on happy note. Click on the pictures below to view the stories.


1. What do you get when a bunch of graffiti artists get together to paint Gurgaon with all kinds of hues imaginable? You get a millennium city looking incredibly pretty. After winning praise for painting a leopard on a water tank, the MCG reached out to the artists, and entrusted them with beautifying several walls across the city.



2. Mom’s the word! When demonetisation hit hard, Noida Circle of Moms, an all-women platform for mothers, decided to take things into their hands, and teach maids, cooks and others like them how to handle e-wallets and other online payments. That’s what we call women empowerment!



3. When species like Western black rhinoceros and Javan tiger failed to survive, the small baya weaver bird decided to weave a stunning story of survival. It continues to return to a small patch of land near the Sector 10 Metro station in Dwarka each year, thwarting all human efforts to destroy its natural habitat. If that’s not a story of hope, what is!



4. Indirapuram resident Archana Sanwal has been a patient of multiple sclerosis for the last 10 years. The disease left her paralysed. But quitting isn’t her game. With a paltry sum of Rs 30,000, she started a pickle business, and in less than a year, she managed to multiply that amount to Rs 50,000! The common flavour of her Pikku Pickles: True grit!



5. The RWAs and cooperative group housing societies in East Delhi have shown that they care by distributing heaters to the society guards who often burnt waste or biomass to keep themselves warm in the bitter Delhi winters. But they no longer need to, thanks to these conscientious residents.