FONRWA Holds Meeting with Officials to Tackle RWA Concerns
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FONRWA Holds Meeting with Officials to Tackle RWA Concerns

FONRWA officials meet with Work Circles to address RWA issues

FONRWA Holds Meeting with Officials to Tackle RWA Concerns

Noida: On March 28, a meeting was held between the Federation of Noida Resident Welfare Association (FONRWA) and officials of Working Circles 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 in the evening to discuss and address the problems faced by the RWAs. The meeting was attended by more than 20 RWA officials and officials from the departments of horticulture and development.

During the meeting, several RWA officials brought forward issues such as improper drainage systems in Noida sectors leading to waterlogging, over-construction, insect infestations on trees, lack of development in green belts, and slow progress in sector development works. Devdutt Sharma, the General Secretary of RWA Noida Sector 112, and Ashok Sharma, the treasurer of Noida Sector 135, also requested the construction of markets in their respective sectors, citing problems faced by residents due to the lack of a market.

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In response to the issues raised by the RWAs, Deputy General Manager Shripal Bhati assured that the development proposals submitted by the RWAs would be implemented as soon as possible by the Noida Authority. Deputy Director of Horticulture Rajendra Singh also assured that the problem of insects on trees would be addressed by spraying them with medicines, and new swings would be installed in the parks.

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FONRWA President Yogendra Sharma and General Secretary KK Jain urged Deputy Director General Shripal Bhati to address the RWA problems as soon as possible for the benefit of the residents. The meeting was attended by several FONRWA officials and members, including senior vice-president JP Uppal, Rajeev Garg, Vijay Bhati, Harsh Mohan, Kosinder Yadav, Bhushan Sharma, Ashok Sharma, Devdutt Sharma, NK Solanki, Sushil Sharma, KK Raina, Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sinha, Satyendra Kumar, H. M. Dhyani, TC Gaur, Vinod Sharma, Jaipal Singh, Yashpal Singh, Abdul Shahid, Rohit Singh, Rakesh Bhatt, Ashok Kumar, Parvinder Yadav, Lat Sahib Lohia, Sanjay Chauhan, Rakesh Kumar, Anil Verma, Rajesh Kumar, Kunwar Pal Singh, Amit Kumar, Subhash Chandra, Surya Pratap Singh, Ramesh Panwar, and Sanjay Chauhan.