NO THU-THU: Noida Authority launches campaign for clean city
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NO THU-THU: Noida Authority launches campaign for clean city

Officers and employees of the Noida Authority went door-to-door to pick up the garbage

NO THU-THU: Noida Authority launches campaign for clean city

Noida: The Noida Authority has launched a "No Thu-Thu" campaign in collaboration with Guided Fortune Samity to keep the city clean. As part of the Swachh Survekshan initiative, the campaign aims to promote cleanliness and discourage people from polluting the city of Noida.

During the campaign, the authority officers cleaned the Sector 34 bus stop, which was littered with gutkha and paan spit. OSD Indu Prakash and Senior Manager Gaurav Bansal urged people not to pollute the city and spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness.

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Moreover, the Noida Authority also conducted a door-to-door garbage collection campaign in six different sectors, namely Sector-26A Block, Sector-135 HD Duplex, Sector-117, Sector-82 Swarnim Vihar, Sector-104 Hajipur and Sector-41. The authority officers shared information about the segregation of dry, wet, sanitary, and harmful waste in the houses and educated people about not dumping garbage in the wrong place.

In addition to this, an awareness campaign was conducted in the vending zones of Sector 16A, Sector 76, and Sector 93. The shopkeepers were advised to use two separate dustbins (green and blue) for waste disposal, and fines were imposed for littering in front of shops. Public Health Department's OSD Avinash Tripathi, along with DGM SP Singh, Project Engineer Vijay Rawal, and RK Sharma, and the authority team, were part of the campaign.

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The Noida Authority also visited Morna village to listen to people's complaints related to the Safaigiri program. Through these initiatives, the Noida Authority aims to encourage people to keep the city clean and promote a healthy and hygienic environment.