The 17th Consecutive Sunday of Homebuyers’ Protest in Noida
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The 17th Consecutive Sunday of Homebuyers’ Protest in Noida

Noida Homebuyers protested again for the 17th Sunday in a row

The 17th Consecutive Sunday of Homebuyers’ Protest in Noida

Noida: The demand for houses and registration has led to Ekmurti becoming the centre of agitation. For the 17th consecutive Sunday, homebuyers gathered to protest and remind the government of its election promise to solve their problems. The promise was made during the elections that the houses that are not yet registered will be registered and the problems of the homebuyers will be solved. However, the homebuyers have not received their homes nor have registration started yet. Despite meeting with the Chief Minister, the homebuyers' problems remain unresolved.

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Abhishek Kumar, President of Nefowa, said, "The problem can be solved if the government wants it. We have made suggestions to the Chief Minister, and he has made promises, but nothing has happened so far. Due to the entanglements between the authority and the construction company, even those who have paid the full amount are on the street. Next Sunday, distressed homebuyers will send postcards to the Prime Minister to present their problems."

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CV Singh, an important figure in the movement, highlighted how the dream of "housing for all" cannot be fulfilled when people are caught in the web of unscrupulous builders and corrupt authorities.

Buyers from several societies have joined the movement in large numbers. They all agree that the movement will continue until the registration of houses is started and a way is found for those who have been waiting for 13 years to get their homes.