Builder’s apathy bothers Noida’s Aarcity Regency Park residents
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Builder’s apathy bothers Noida’s Aarcity Regency Park residents

Residents of Aarcity Regency Park met to discuss problems in the

Builder’s apathy bothers Noida’s Aarcity Regency Park residents

Greater Noida West: To discuss various issues of neglect and apathy at the builder’s end, a meeting among the residents of Aarcity Regency Park was held in Greater Noida West on Sunday which was attended by about 40 people.

Residents raised concerns about the builder collecting money through prepaid meters while the electricity department owes Rs. 22 lahks. It was discovered that the arrears have been accumulating for several months, and a late fee of approximately Rs. 30,000 are added every month. Additionally, there was confusion about the head of the maintenance team, and the staff demanded their salaries from the residents.

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The police were called on 112 and informed about the issues in society. The Police Chowki charge visited the site and saw broken pipes and sewage water in the basement. The maintenance staff present were reprimanded for their work, and after the police’s assurance, residents expressed hope that there would be no loss of life or property.

Apart from these issues, society also faces daily problems such as continuous water flow in the basement, out-of-warranty lifts, a lack of accountability for maintenance, being forced to live in slum-like conditions despite paying maintenance charges and banning the entry of unverified individuals into the society. Furthermore, the maintenance team does not have a record of tenant verification.

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