Dwarka: Rain exposes lack of preparedness of civic bodies
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Dwarka: Rain exposes lack of preparedness of civic bodies

As water gets logged on the road sides and garbage worsens the situation, residents grapple with the state of affairs and say that the drains were not cleaned in most areas.

Dwarka: Rain exposes lack of preparedness of civic bodies

Rains on the morning of June 16 has exposed the lack of preparation of civic bodies across Dwarka. Waterlogging on the road sides and in the potholes of damaged roads, and the condition of garbage after the rains are telling the story of administerial apathy.

Residents and RWAs of various sectors have been sharing photographs of the state of affairs on social media to show what a light spell of shower can do.

City Spidey spoke to a few residents and found out that uncleared drains and garbage made matters worse. AK Parashar, a resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments, Sector 7, who has been raising his voice for a clean sub city, shared some photographs and said, “Filth and water logged at many places is a sorry sight. It rained lightly today but it caused waterlogging at many places, such as in Sector 6 and Sector 7. The civic bodies should look into it seriously.”



There were places where garbage was not lifted due to the rain and in many places garbage started stinking. In Sector 8, the RWA called DDA officials to take stock of the situation.  PS Dhunta, RWA president, and AS Chatwal, general secretary, accompanied the DDA officials.

Dhunta said, “The internal roads are damaged and there was waterlogging due to low-lying surface. We have been suffering from this problem but the DDA is not bothered. Today, we showed them the area and urged them to address the situation urgently.”

Residents also complained that in most areas, the drains were not cleared. They also said that where drains were cleared, silt was left on the footpath. Ved Prakash, president of Rihayashi Apartments RWA, Sector 12 pocket 7, said, “Today the situation was at its worst as there was back flow of water from the drains in the pocket. As the rain was light, the situation can be managed. We fear the situation during the peak of the rainy season.”

He added that the storm water drains inside the pocket have not been cleaned for a long time. Big nullahs along the roads in the sector also need to be cleaned.