Metro construction work in Sector 62, Noida, causes traffic snarls
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Metro construction work in Sector 62, Noida, causes traffic snarls

Noida: Residents complain of chaotic traffic as vehicles are diverted to a service lane near Mecon Apartments.

Metro construction work in Sector 62, Noida, causes traffic snarls

Metro construction work on the Sector 62 main road in Noida has been giving commuters a tough time, especially those going towards NH24 from Mamura Chowk.  

Thanks to construction work, the road has been narrowed, such that there is only a single lane for vehicles to ply on, leading to traffic snarls.

To add to this, on Tuesday evening, a Delhi Transport Corporation bus broke down on the road, leading to a snarl so nasty that traffic had to be diverted to the service lane beside Mecon Apartments in Sector 62.

Radhey Mohan, a resident of the apartment, had a close shave on Tuesday. “I was coming from Mamura, a local village, to my society in Sector 62. As I took a left turn to enter the society, another car hit mine from behind,” he said. “Thankfully, nothing happened. However, this took place when traffic was at its peak [7 pm-9 pm]. There was no traffic cop on duty and everybody seemed to be in a hurry.” 

Mohan further said that the situation was chaotic at the entry gates, as the service lane was being used as a bypass for traffic towards NH24. Residents of the apartment are now demanding action to normalise traffic on the route.

Some say that due to heavy traffic on the service lane, the road is getting damaged.

PR Chandna, secretary of the RWA, said, “Although vehicles use the narrow service lane, there is hardly any check on rash driving. Everybody seems to be in a hurry. Traffic policemen need to be deployed on the route until the construction work is completed and the main route is opened for vehicles.”

Meanwhile, residents reached out to officers of Noida Metro Rail Corporation and urged them to speed up the development work. NMRC, on its part, said it would need at least six months to complete construction and open the main route for traffic.