Meet the lady behind installation of many SOKHTA in Gurugram
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Meet the lady behind installation of many SOKHTA in Gurugram

Under the initiative, small rainwater harvesting systems are set up

Meet the lady behind installation of many SOKHTA in Gurugram

Today, World Environment Day is being celebrated around the globe. The theme demonstrates to prevent, stop, and nullify the damage. But how? One of the major crises that we hear is about the water crisis. This is what we all need to initiate on our levels, starting it from our corridor and then educating the gatherings.

Kalyani Sachan, 52, a resident of Sector 9, Gurugram, chairperson of Ek Uddan NGO, social activist,  PreNatal Gender Screening Officer, Gold member of Haryana State Council for child welfare, Architectural Consultant and eco-home designer, started a project named SOKHTA in 2018.

SOKHTA by Ek Uddan

Kalyani Sachan started this initiative SOKHTA in which they planted a small rainwater harvesting system with support from the district administration. Kalyani said that groundwater crisis has been  continuously heard in Gurugram, where the groundwater levels are reducing.

She said, "As an architect, I have designed many rainwater harvesting projects for residents and various industrial projects. I have also experienced that ninety per cent of people hesitate to have a water harvesting system which maybe because of its high cost."

Kalyani thought of this idea of making something which is cost-effective and at the same time help in recharging groundwater level. She comes up with the idea of SOKHTA.

What is SOKHTA?
It is used for water conservation, mostly done in villages. It can be constructed in the least space and also requires less time in finishing and as well it is cost-effective. This serves dual outcomes, first it
conserves water and second it prevents contamination too.

This was set up in various public parks of Gurugram like public park at the mini secretariat in Sector 56, sector 32 parks, sector 9 parks, sector 4 parks and many more MCG area parks. Approximately 15 SOKHTA were set up in Gurugram and Faridabad road area. This is expected to save the rainwater and will eventually get collected in the ground through SOKHTA. It can also prevent water logging.

Kalyani said, "Most of the time in rainy seasons, water gets contaminated and wasted. But by SOKHTA, we were able to preserve water as well as increase the groundwater."

Kalyani visited the Commissioner Officer and discussed this whole idea. She visited the office just before a rainy day. They agreed with her thoughts as she raised the issue by saying that water logging happens whenever rain happens. They started with building one SOKHTA at a park which got a lot of appreciation. The project got approval and they started working on this by building more SOKHTA at various parks in Gurugram.

Kalyani said, "This initiative was very successful, water logging and wastage of water were removed by our societies and of course groundwater level successfully increased with SOKHTA." She also added that the process requires some help for digging, drilling holes in Polyvinyl Chloride pipe and water drums and these all require some assistance if done by individuals.

She further said, "Life is not possible without water. The coming generation should not be worried for water as we are for oxygen today, wake up and don't let the future become water less."