Vastu for marital bliss: Keep that TV out of the bedroom
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Vastu for marital bliss: Keep that TV out of the bedroom

Which side of the bed should you sleep on? What should you prefer — wooden beds or steel ones? What colour should you paint the walls? Read to find out.

Vastu for marital bliss: Keep that TV out of the bedroom

Did you know irregular-shaped furniture — or even house plans — could adversely affect marriages? From a vastu perspective, if your home is not in proper balance, it could lead to sadness, mood swings, frustration and arguments with your spouse. Certain colours and directions can bring harmony back in the relationship.

Each of the basic elements — earth, water, fire, air and ether — is associated with a direction. To maintain balance among them, follow these vastu tips:

  • The northeast direction is associated with the element water. Open space and waterfall in the northeast of house is good for relationships and finances.
  • The southeast direction is associated with the element fire. Kitchen and electrical equipment should be placed here. Avoid water elements in the southeast, as fire and water do not go well together.
  • The northwest direction is associated with the element air. Open space here may lead to a breakdown in communication between family members.
  • The centre of the house, also known as the Brahmasthan, is associated with the element ether, or space. It is important that the brahmasthan be kept open and airy. Any disturbance here can adversely affect growth.
  • The southwest area of the house is associated with the element earth. This is the best area for the master bedroom to be situated in, which welcomes peace and stability in married life.                                                              
  • The southeast brings bad luck and hampers marital intimacy, as it is the fire corner, suitable for the kitchen. Even the northeast is considered to be unsuitable, especially for newlyweds.
  • Prefer rectangular or square wooden beds. Though metal beds look sleek and stylish, they can cause conflict and stress. Position it along the southwest wall of the bedroom, with the head towards the south, which results in the flow of positive magnetic energy from the north into the body. This increases blood flow during sleep.                                                                                                       
  • A bed positioned in the northern or the eastern zone of the bedroom may cause mental stress and financial instability.
  • The husband should sleep on the right of the bed and the wife on the left. This ensures a smooth relationship.
  • The door of the attached toilet must always be kept closed and the toilet seat cover should always be kept down when not in use.
  • There should be no beams in the bedroom, as sleeping under them can be detrimental to physical and mental health.
  • When you enter the bedroom, make sure there is something that attracts and enhances positive energy and gives you a peaceful, calm feeling. Consider putting up a favourite quote, a sculpture, a painting, a photograph or flowers.
  • Prefer light green, light rose and blue as the wall colours, as these have an overall soothing effect.
  • Avoid clutter in the bedroom, or in your cupboard, as they can hamper sleep and restrict the flow of love.
  • Computers and television sets should be avoided in the bedroom. If you absolutely must, remember to keep them covered at night. It is believed that electromagnetic rays coming out of gadgets can disrupt sleep and lead to tension among couples.
  • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom, as they are said to be the main cause of quarrels and misunderstandings among couples.
  • Sharp objects such as knives and scissors should always stay covered. The same, surprisingly, is applicable to pickles. Both are said to sour relationships.
  • Decorative items made of crystal and rose quartz foster feelings of love, affection and understanding.