What is fish odour syndrome?
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What is fish odour syndrome?

Someone with liver or kidney disease can also suffer from fish odour syndrome

What is fish odour syndrome?

Fish odor syndrome, also known as Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is a very rare condition in which a person stinks like an unpleasant rotted fish.


This condition can be caused due to different reasons. Most of the time, it occurs because of genetic disorder.
Someone with liver or kidney disease can also suffer from fish odor syndrome. It can also be seen in those people who consume higher amounts of protein in their diet and it can also be caused by an increased level of bacteria which produces Trimethylaminuria in the digestive system.

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They will experience smell in their breath, urine, and sweat. The person suffering from such a condition can also suffer from self isolation and depression.
This disorder can also lead to problems in a person's social life, relationship, and career.


Researches show that no such medicines have been approved to cure  Trimethylaminuria. However,  there are some suggestion have been prescribed by professionals to follow, which will help you to reduce the symptoms of fish odor syndrome-

  • Wash your skin with acidic shampoos and soaps with doctor’s  prescription, within pH 5.5.
  • Do not stress out as that can make your condition worse.
  • Maintain personal hygiene and wash your clothes frequently.
  • Avoid foods like egg, cow’s milk, beans etc to reduce the symptoms but consult a nutritionist and dietitian before that who will take care of balancing the nutrients in your diet.
  • If the condition gets worse please consult your dermatologist.