Vehicles' influx on service lanes rampant in Dwarka
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Vehicles' influx on service lanes rampant in Dwarka

Both commercial and private vehicles are seen plying on service lanes these days

Vehicles' influx on service lanes rampant in Dwarka Vehicles can be seen in the service lane in Sector 7 along road no 201

Dwarka: The influx of vehicles on service lanes has been increasing day-by-day in Dwarka. Both commercial and private vehicles are seen plying on service lanes these days. It is making it tough for the residents to walk on services lanes in front of their apartments.

Ravi Jaitely, a senior citizen of Harsukh Apartments in Sector 7, Dwarka, said that he has been very cautious while walking down the service lane just in front of his society. He has been in fear always as the service lane is being used by the vehicles that are supposed to move on the main road.

Jaitely has been taking the subject to the administration and requesting them to look into it. He has been asking them to control heavy traffic in the service lane. He iterated that service lanes are for the people from societies along with it and not for the main traffic and commercial vehicles.

“You cannot walk freely on the service lane because you might get hit especially when you are not alert. The service lane has limited width and it gets congested with the traffic coming from Master Plan Road 201,” he said.

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Sectors like 7, 9, 4, 13, 14, 19, 22 and 23 are suffering badly from this menace. The practice of using service lanes instead of the main roads can prove to be dangerous for the residents. Mostly the service lanes are being used to avoid the red lights and take a shortcut. Fast-moving cabs, school buses and vans can be often seen on the service lane. Some accidents too were reported in service lanes and near the parks inside the sectors due to such vehicles.

General Secretary of Federation of RWAs, Sector 9, MK Singh said, “Such vehicles are creating chaos and sometimes causing accidents too. Once a lady was hit by a fast-moving school bus in the service lane near Ganpati Apartments when she was returning home. Fortunately, there have been no serious accidents yet but collisions are common. To avoid heavy traffic in peak hours, the service lanes are being used causing serious threat to the lives of pedestrians.”

The subject has been raised several times by the RWAs and management of the societies in police-public meetings to make the problems resolved. Residents said that the police act on the complaints but there has been no permanent solution.

A resident of Sector 22, PK Singh said, “There must be a permanent solution as the service lanes are there for convenience and not the chaos. The internal roads in Sector 22 are affected due to fast-moving cabs. Cabs, that are using the service lanes, are also taking the internal roads as a route which is dangerous near parks and schools.”

On the subject, one of the traffic police officials said that they are taking proper actions against the vehicles violating traffic rules.