Greater Noida: ‘No Registry, No Vote’ campaign garners more resident votes
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Greater Noida: ‘No Registry, No Vote’ campaign garners more resident votes

Around 50,000 home buyers in GreNo West are struggling to get registry papers of their flats

Greater Noida: ‘No Registry, No Vote’ campaign garners more resident votes

Greater Noida: The pending registry of homebuyers in the highrise societies of Greater Noida has become an issue that is affecting residents living in multiple housing societies. Every weekend, residents from different societies protest against the builders on the roads demanding registry papers of their respective flats.

Purchasing a home in a highrise society is a lifetime commitment and thus the residents hope to get what they pay for. Around 50,000 home buyers from 85 societies in Greater Noida West are struggling to get the registry papers of their flats. Now, the residents are saying if their issues are not resolved, they would not vote in the upcoming UP assembly elections.

Residents of Supertech Ecovillage 1, 2 and 3 have started a ‘No Registry, No Vote’ campaign under the banner of the Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA) because of the pending registry. Now many other housing societies are joining in the campaign.

Sumil Jalota (38), a resident of La Residetia says, “In last 10 years, three governments have been in power but all have neglected the main issue of this region which is the pending registry. As per the law, possession means that we have registry papers and now we are the owners of our flats but it is never implemented. Residents of many societies in Greater Noda are struggling for the last 12 years. I booked my flat in 2011 and for the last three years, I am struggling to get my registry papers.”

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Almost 320 homebuyers in Panchsheel Hynish from tower 11 and tower 12 are struggling to get their registry papers. On this subject, Himanshu Gautam(32), a resident of the society says, “Builder gave us possession in February 2021 and he promised that the registry will be done within 2 months and he forced us to submit the number of registry papers. We paid the full amount. It has been more than 10 months, still, we are struggling to get the registry papers. Now, the builder is asking us to go to the Authority. We don't have a choice but support this "No registry No vote campaign'."

Mihir Gautam(40), a resident of Ecovillage 2 says, "The protest will take place every weekend under the 'No Vote, No registry' campaign. It's been more than four years and I am still not the owner of my own house as its registry is still pending.”

Akhileshwar, a resident of Panchsheel Pinnacle says, “About 500 residents are struggling to get the registry papers in our society. We are supporting this campaign, residents do not have any other choice.”

The support for 'No registry No vote' campaign is growing among the area residents with each passing day. The residents of other societies have also come in the support of the ‘No Registry, No Vote’ campaign to demand basic amenities.

Abhishek Kumar, NEFOWA president says, “This campaign is not only for those who are struggling for their registry paper but also for those residents who are struggling to get basic amenities in the society. If the situation will remain the same, we will continue the protest.”

Hemant Singh, a resident of Elegant Villa says, “The registry is the second thing, the residents of our society is struggling to get the basic amenities in the society. The lift is not working properly. About 150 residents live in the society. Residents don’t have another choice, no one will vote if the condition will be the same in future.”