7X Welfare Team launches road safety campaign at sector 45
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7X Welfare Team launches road safety campaign at sector 45

Team 7X claims there is always huge traffic in the area due to the adjacent market.

7X Welfare Team launches road safety campaign at sector 45

To inculcate a sense of road safety among the common people, Noida's 7X Welfare team has been conducting a campaign every weekend.

Under this campaign, the 7X Welfare team reached Sector-45 T Point in Noida on March 13, 2022. They launched a road safety awareness campaign among the people with the help of the Noida traffic police.

Team 7X claims that due to the high-rise building and market in Sector 45, there is always huge traffic in the area. People often break traffic rules in a rush to reach their destination which leads to congestion and maybe the cause of mishappenings.

During the campaign, strict instructions were given to those who were seen violating traffic rules. Traffic volunteers tried to convince the people that they should follow the traffic rules so that they remain safe on the roads.

Along with this, people also took the oath together. The 7X welfare team is also motivating the people to join hands with them by becoming traffic volunteers so that they can inspire other people on the roads to be safe.

This campaign was supported by the traffic police. Traffic sub-inspector Rakesh Kumar, Jayant Gangwar, Shripal and many others from the police department were present there.

Vikram Sethi, a volunteer with 7X and social activist says, “We are like army men, it is our duty to save ourselves and others. We work for humanity, to save lives. We saw many pedestrians running on the road and jumping the dividers so that they do not get stuck in traffic. We stopped them to make them understand that this can harm them. They took the oath not to repeat this in future.”

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Vikram explained that the event was subdivided into three parts. In cases where pillion riders on two-wheelers were found not wearing the helmet, the volunteers stopped them. They were requested that the second person should also wear the helmet to save oneself from any unforeseen mishap.

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Brajesh Sharma, Founder of 7X Welfare says, “We are getting requests to keep awareness campaign in sector 62, The destination for the drive will be the sector 62 on March 20, 2022.

Team 7X says that they will keep conducting these awareness camps until the people adopt these safety rules. 7X Welfare team comes out on the road every week to ensure that road safety and traffic rules are followed by everyone.