Elections are over, the issues of Noida and GreNo West residents remain
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Elections are over, the issues of Noida and GreNo West residents remain

Homebuyers hope that this time their issues will be resolved by local representatives

Elections are over, the issues of Noida and GreNo West residents remain

Given the long-pending issue of registry, residents of Greater Noida West had started a ‘No Registry, No Vote’ campaign in 2021 wherein they claimed they would not vote in the assembly elections if their issues are not solved. Now that the result of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections are in the issues of the residents remain unresolved.

From maintenance to the registry, there are several pending issues in Greater Noida West for which residents have been seeking solutions for a long time.
Local representatives of the respective parties made promises to resolve all the issues of homebuyers during door to door campaigning. Given Covid, there was no permission for rallies by the Election Commission. The local representatives of political parties organised online meetings with the residents with the help of the AOAs and RWAs of the highrise group housing societies in Noida and Greater Noida.

Now, homebuyers of Noida and Greater Noida have hope that this time their issues will be resolved by the local representatives. On this subject, CitySpidey talked to the residents of Greater Noida to know about their hopes and dominant issues of the area.

Anupam Mishra(38), a resident of Ecovillage 2 says, “This time the registry of flats was the biggest issue raised by the residents. As an individual, I also wanted a Yogi government again. However, the MLA has to understand they cannot win every time with the name of Yogi and Modi. We all are waiting for the result declaration. The issue of the registry of flats and electricity connection from a single point to multi-point should be resolved soon."

"It has long been in the news that work on the metro in our area will start soon, but nothing has started yet. We are hoping that this time the work on the metro will start soon,” adds Mishra.

Rakhi Sinha (45), a resident of Noida says, “There are lots of issues faced by the residents like registry, electricity connection, maintenance services and others. But there is one issue that needs immediate attention by authorities that is traffic noise. Traffic noise reduction is the need in Noida. I live in Ward-2A, Sector-28, right behind Maharaja Agrasen Marg road and flyover. The traffic noise very gravely affects the health and mental well-being of almost all the affected residents of Noida."

Sinha adds, "Our city is originally small, with limited routes connecting various residential areas. It seemed to have been settled as a small town and now is being forced to become a metro. The roads connect to the highways, cutting literally through residential areas across much of Noida. The traffic is unforgiving, 24X7! Political intervention can go a long way in expediting the technically accurate installation of the right kind of barriers. We have voted for the winning leadership with this faith. I hope our faith will not be insulted.”

Rajiva Singh, President NOFAA says, “The immediate task of the new governing body should be to complete all unfinished infrastructure projects and build better health care and education systems. Addressing home buyer issues, mostly builder-buyer, have to be brought to its logical conclusions and should be the top priority of the to-do list of the government."

Puneet Sharma, AOA president Aditya Celebrity Homes says, “This time the expectation of the citizens is higher. The registry for many homebuyers is still pending. The builder- AOA conflicts should be resolved soon."

Kapil Khare, a resident of Nirala Greenshire says, “We are expecting that this time Greater Noida West will move towards the path of a smart city. There is less public transport in Greater Noida West. The work on the metro should start as soon as possible. There is an urgent need for a Government Hospital, Government School and cremation ground.”