Strength training gives you more than just strength!
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Strength training gives you more than just strength!

Strength training exercise helps in lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining body weight

Strength training gives you more than just strength!

If staying fit and healthy is your all-time goal then strength  training must be on your to do list, at least four to five times a week. Strength training contains exercises that involve more than one muscle. Strength training is also known as weight training. Some important types of strength training include muscular endurance, explosive power, maximum muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy. There are many benefits of strength training besides cardiovascular benefits it provides. Some of them are shared below:

Boost energy level and mood: Similar to other exercises, strength training also increases your circulating levels of endorphins. Due to this, an individual’s mood and energy level increase.

Reduces anxiety: The anxiolytic effects of resistance training or strength training help to reduce the high level of anxiety.

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Decrease abdominal fat: Hidden fat or the fat surrounding belly is dangerous that can lead to chronic health issues. Such as heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and diabetes. According to Healthline, strength training is effective in reducing abdominal or overall body fat.

Improves heart health: According to PubMed, strength training exercise helps in lowering bad cholesterol, blood pressure and maintaining body weight. Not only this, it also helps to improve blood circulation by strengthening the blood vessels and heart health.

Make your bones stronger: Strength training is an important exercise to improve bone health. While doing strength training, your bones feel temporary stress. This sends a message to bone-building cells to take action and rebuild bones stronger. After all, strong bones help to reduce the chances of bone fracture and osteoporosis.