Sundays in GreNo West are reserved for protests
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Sundays in GreNo West are reserved for protests

The residents of Ajnara Le Garden, Amatra Homes, Fusion homes, among others were out to protest

Sundays in GreNo West are reserved for protests

Greater Noida West: Whenever the weekend arrives in GreNo West, the residents of several societies get all ready to take to the streets and protest for a plethora of issues. As every Sunday, this Sunday too, on May 22, 2022, residents were seen on the roads protesting against the lack of basic amenities and issues like flat registry and lack of electricity among others.

The residents of Ajnara Le Garden, Amatra Homes, Fusion homes, Saviour Green arch, and Gaur Saundaryam were seen protesting for their rights. These residents, after protesting on ek murti circle, encircled the maintenance offices of their respective societies because their demands are still unheard.

Saviour Greenarch

Residents of Saviour Green Arch Society were out on the streets accusing the builder of hiking the club's fee. The protesters locked the club and organised a meeting to decide to run the club themselves.

Naval Singh, a resident of Saviour Greenarch says, "We will not use the club until we run the club ourselves. The club will be closed for a week. Next week the people of the society will sit together and decide on how the club should run."

Gaur Saundaryam, Gaur City

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Gaursons Realty Pvt. Ltd. called General Board Meeting on May 22, 2022 for the formation of AOA and election of Election committee members in Gaur Saundaryam, Greater Noida West. There was no proper arrangement or conduct of this meeting. No chairs, no water facility and no adequate space. When residents raised the issue of such poor management in conducting GBM and no action being taken by Gaurs on registration of flats, mainly for Tulip tower, Rakesh Sharma, a representative from Gaurs the builder's side, cancelled the Meeting. Later, many residents staged a protest on society's main gate for the delay in registration-related issues solely attributable to M/s Gaurs.

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B. K. Bansal, a resident of Gaur Saundaryam says, "When the builder cannot provide the facilities, then what is the sense of taking high maintenance fee? Who is responsible to take care of society?"

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Amatra Homes, Grenowest

The residents of Amatra Home Society held a meeting and discussed the prevalent issues in the society. The residents allege that during the flat booking, the builder had shown the conceit of facilities. It hasn't been completed yet.

Due to this, there is anger among the residents of the society. Anoop Kumar, a resident says, "There are possibilities of accidents due to the open shafts in the balconies. There is no sanitation in society. It is under the grip of an unhygienic environment and foul smell. Under the towers, one can find the dump yard. Is this the way to live in a society?"

Ajnara Le Garden

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The residents of Ajnara Le Garden staged out protest against the builder at Ek murti circle. They claim that even by paying the complete amount, there is a lot of work pending from the builder’s side. On this 50th day of their protest, residents expressed their anger against the conspiracy of the authority and the builder by a peaceful demonstration and also appealed to the state government to intervene in between as the builder is not listening to our cries.

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These residents of Ajnara Le Garden have been staging a protest over issues like NCPL connection, club, and registry. Along with the memorandum to the MP, and the authority, they also mailed their problems to the CM office.

Mukesh Gupta, resident, of Ajnara Le Garden says, “Until concrete action is not taken against the builder by the government and administration, this fight will go on. People have invested their lifetime earnings in this house and still, they are deprived of facilities. The future of the whole family with children is in danger, the solution of the problem is possible only with the intervention of the government”.

Raksha Addela, Gaur city

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Residents of Raksha Addela Gaur City 2 stage a protest almost every Sunday against the builder. They are fighting against the high maintenance charges imposed by the builder. Residents allege that while the charges are being increased, the society’s Sewage Treatment Plant is not functioning well, and cleaning and sanitisation work is not done in the society regularly. They further complain that they are now being asked to pay maintenance charges for the club which was said to be free at the time of handover. Residents say maintenance charges were increased arbitrarily without any intimation to the residents.

Rahul Yadav, a resident of Raksha Adella says, “The builder is continuously hiking the charges for the services which were supposed to be free. The club should be only for the society's residents, but they are renting it out to the outsiders. This is a threat to the security of the residents. Residents agreed by signing the memorandum for gym charges. But later they were asked again for a swimming pool fee. After much debate, the builder accepted and made it free for now. There is more than 80% occupancy, still, there is no AoA in the society."

He continues, “No audit has been done in the society for a long time. There has been no improvement in the society for which we have raised our voice. The STP is not being maintained. The green belt has been captured illegally and converted into a parking area. There is encroachment in the commercial market of the Raksha Addela society too".

Fusion Homes

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It is the fifth week that the residents of Fusion Homes Society have staged a protest against the builder demanding basic amenities. Unlike other societies, they are also paying hiked maintenance charges of Rs 1.80 with GST. However, on March 29, 2022, the builder sent a letter to the residents and raised the maintenance charges to Rs 2.65 + GST which was applicable from April 1, 2022. Residents alleged that the builder did not give any notice to the residents or discussed the matter with them, before raising the prices.

According to the residents, even after increasing the maintenance charges, the society still lacks several basic amenities and the builder is not paying heed to their requests. The prevalent issues of the society include seepage in the pillars and lack of safety in the society. There is a lack of signage and mirrors, at any time, a major accident can happen.

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CitySpidey contacted Shivkumar Malik, Police Station in-charge (thana prabhari), Cherry County, ek murti circle, the epicentre of all the protests.  He says, “The residents carry out their processions in the limit, they were not violent. They shared their concerns and we also pacified them, in our presence they give the memorandum to the builder’s officials. Everything was under control.”

CitySpidey contacted MLA Tejpal Nagar to know what is his action plan as everyone has high hopes from him. On this note, CitySpidey informed that the residents of GreNo West are scuffling with several issues and are very upset with builder’s attitude. He says, “I met the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and informed him about every society’s issue and discussed the prevailing problems in GreNo West as I promised the residents."

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He continues, "Apart from this, very soon I will be holding a meeting with the Saumya Shrivastava, OSD Greater Noida with builders and buyers. They will solve all the issues in this meeting."

CitySpidey also contacted Saumya Shrivastava, OSD, Greater Noida Authority. He says, "MLA Tejpal Nagar informed us about the prevailing tussles of builders and buyers. Soon the representatives of buyers and the builder's representatives will be called to the Greater Noida Authority and their issues will be tick marked and will be solved. After the discussion, we will inform the dates."