JVCC Club celebrates YOGA for all offline after 3 years
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JVCC Club celebrates YOGA for all offline after 3 years

Today the whole world is celebrating International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm

JVCC Club celebrates YOGA for all offline after 3 years

Noida: On the morning of International Yoga Day, June 21, 2022, amidst the pleasant drizzling at 6:30 am, over 100 yogis of 'JVCC Club For All' celebrated the occasion with a yoga session in Sector 21, Noida. Such offline celebration was happening after three long years.

The programme started with Shankhnaad by 6 Yogis who further performed various asanas like collective Surya Namaskar, yoga protocol practice and laughter yoga. The members of the Laughter Yoga Club participated with equal fervor.

On the occasion, this club completed 1482 sessions of the Global Yoga Mission under the guidance of Yoga Guru Prem Bakshi, the founder of this Yoga club. After performing several asanas and laughter yoga, the programme ended with a yoga geet.

Veena Babbar, a Yoga Instructor, JVCC CLUB says, “Yoga helped me to recoup from my accident. I am grateful to Yoga and will always be. Now I am a qualified instructor and take free yoga classes. Yoga is a journey where you connect with others, keep yourself healthy and acquire peace of mind."

Kalpana Jain, another Yoga Instructor, JVCC CLUB says, "Yoga has changed me. Now I feel a new and positive energy in myself. I have become more calm and patient. Even during covid, I stayed healthy and energetic.”

Roma Sharan, a Yoga practitioner, JVCC CLUB says, “I started my yoga journey about six years back. It has not only made me physically fit but mentally agile and positive too. I can not think of not seeing my yoga family online every day. It's like a festival.”

Mamta Uma Awasthi, Yoga Practioner, JVCC Club says, “Yoga made us live life positively. I had a knee problem and it is resolved now, with continuous yoga practice. We are thankful to Bakshi who conducts free yoga for everyone in JVCC Club.”

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Usha Kakar, Yoga Practitioner, JVCC Club says, “We are so happy to be here. Yoga and members of JVCC Yoga Club for all keep us happy.”