Mompreneur who gives colours to discarded glass bottles
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Mompreneur who gives colours to discarded glass bottles

“These colourful gifts are very beautiful, the happiness I see on people's faces is priceless”

Mompreneur who gives colours to discarded glass bottles

Delhi: In the mompreneur series, today we introduce you to a mom, who teaches a very important life lesson - ‘You can do anything with your determination’. Tapaswini Harichandan, adds colour to lifeless bottles, runs a storytelling website for kids, is a blogger, podcaster, all the while taking good care of her family.

Tapaswini, a resident of Vaishali, Ghaziabad, started her journey of passion to the profession by painting discarded bottles for her friends and family. Their appreciation for these bottles ignited a  zeal in her to make this a profession. Tapaswini got married to an artist which boosted her companionship with colours. This charm with colours turned into a profession when her son went to hostel for further studies.

Tapaswini has been interested in colours since childhood. “Different types of colours always attracted me. But I was never sure they would attract me so much that one fine day, I will make it my profession," says Tapaswini.  Follower of Buddha, she is a positive and spiritual person and it reflects in her art.

Being an artist she says, “I have been interested in painting for a long time on materials such as pottery, canvas, and glass using oil. To me, colours are not merely colours, they signify life. These coloured glass bottles not only look beautiful but also improve the perception of life".

Tapaswini is also a blogger. She writes travelogues, personal experiences, spiritual and motivational content. Along with blogging, she also runs a podcast by the name - 'Life is Beautiful’. Through this podcast, she helps people with problems in life as a professional wellness coach.

She uses discarded bottles such as old wine bottles received from the scrap dealers. She reuses these bottles to paint beautiful paintings and make them new again. Tapaswini loves travelling and the colourful culture of  Rajasthan inspires her paintings. According to her, the reused painted bottles are a perfect gift. She says, “These colourful gifts are very beautiful and people love them. The happiness I see on the  faces  of  people  when  I  give them one of my painted bottles.”

Packaging and delivering is the biggest challenge in this profession, as Tapaswini describes. The glass bottles are delicate and fragile. To avoid any breakage during delivery, she safely bubble wraps the bottles herself before sending them out for packing.

Tapaswini also mentioned the importance of a supporting family. Her family has always supported her and inspired her to keep moving forward.

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For the budding entrepreneurs, Tapaswini says, “Women need to be mentally strong and they can cross any hurdle that comes their way. One has to keep trying. Success cannot be achieved overnight.” She plans to open her own shop of painted glass bottles in future.