Noida: In conversation with the General Secretary, RWA sector-51
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Noida: In conversation with the General Secretary, RWA sector-51

The biggest issue in Sector 51, Noida is that of increasing cases of crime

Noida: In conversation with the General Secretary, RWA sector-51

Noida: Sector 51 is a prominent residential area in Noida. However, it may not a perfect place to reside in. The area has its own sets of issues, and to discuss them, CitySpidey had a conversation with the General Secretary of Sector 51 RWA, Sanjeev Kumar.

On being asked about the basic problems of Sector 51, Sanjeev Kumar says that the biggest issue in Sector 51 is that of increasing cases of crime. He says, "The sector is adjacent to village Hosiyarpur. There is no proper border and thus, residents are worried about their security." He says that C block, D block, and F block in the sector are majorly affected by the cases of theft and robbery. He tells that cases of chain snatching is a regular affair in these blocks and security guards take any action, they are threatened by the robbers. Sanjeev says, "As a solution, we have installed gates at every entry point, but what if the robbers don't use the gates? What if they come through the village?"

The second problem in Sector 51, according to Sanjeev, is that the Authority now wants to build 46 vending zones on the footpaths, which have been built for walking. He tells us that the area and the roads are already overcrowded and there is hardly any way to pass through. He says, "There are several banquet halls and a private hospital here, due to which, the roads are almost too crowded. If vending zones are built here, it will lead to more traffic jams and accidents in the area." He informs us that the RWA has a meeting with the Vending zone committee on the matter and the Work circle 3 senior manager also inspected the place and concluded that it is not suitable for making ending zones. "Probably they won't make vending zones here but still, there's no confirmation", says Sanjeev.

Further elaborating on the problems of the area, Sanjeev talks about lack of green space. He says that according to the National Green Tribunal norms, one can not decrease the green area. He says, "We only have four parks, among which, the children's park is the biggest one. Sector-52 metro station was built by cutting the area of the children's park. Not only that, the authority now wants to give some area of the park to a furniture company and for that, they have cut 25 fully grown trees."

Also, according to Sanjeev, the residents complain of foul smell coming from the drains in the area as they are contaminated and pose a threat to residents' health.

In the footpaths of block E, D, and F, there are no interlocking tiles, complains Sanjeev. He also tells that because the Sector 52 metro station is built on the E1 plot of Sector 51, the residents urge the Authority to rename this metro station to Sector 51.

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He further tells us, "Our sector comes under Sector 49 police station, which is 10-12 km far from our sector. The metro however, despite being on the grounds of Sector 51, comes under Sector 24 police station."