GrenoWest- Darkness continues to reign on city streets
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GrenoWest- Darkness continues to reign on city streets

We are afraid to go for morning walks anymore

GrenoWest- Darkness continues to reign on city streets

The residents of Greater Noida West are continuously grappling with the problems of either insufficient or lack of light on GreNo West roads. They allege that despite contacting the officials of the Greater Noida Authority continuously, their outcries are not being heard.

This happened after the Greater Noida Authority terminated the contract of the electricians and gave the tender to a private company to convert all the street lights into LED. The result is that as the evening descends the roads are without lights and it gets dark and scary. Residents allege that there is no road in Greater Noida West where street lights are not fully lit.

Here is a list of road stretches where darkness prevails

60m NH24 link road from Tigri to Surajpur

Taj Highway connecting Greno West and Ghaziabad

130m road from Charmurti to Tilpata or roads inside sectors.

Techzone 7, sector 10

130m road near D-park, Hindon base, Chaar murti

Iteda Golchakkar, Galaxy Blue Sapphire mall

SKA Green Arch 16B to Shri Radha Sky Garden gate society, Urja chowk towards Panchsheel Greens 2 society, Ajnara Le Garden Society 16B, Supertech Eco-village 3 society, the 130-meter road in front of Mahagun Marina Walk, an upcoming commercial setup.

Manish Kumar, Senior VP, NEFOWA says, "The busiest road of Greater Noida West is grappling with complete darkness, Taj highway, Tigdi golchakker. Not a single street light is working. If they are in proper condition then why it is not switched on?"



Some residents have also pointed out that in the controversy between the Authority and a private company, residents are suffering.

Dinker Pandey, Resident of Ajnara Homes 16B says, “The authority has given the tender to a private company. If you ever cross through these roads, you will check that there are maximum lights that are off. I have counted more than 50 points where there are lights off. We are afraid to go for morning walks anymore.

Vikash Katiyar, resident of Spring Meadows says, “It's not even been 3 months since the yellow lights were changed to LEDs in Greno West and more than half the lights are out. In some places, the lights of 15-20 poles are not lit continuously, then in many places, the light does not turn off even in broad daylight. In many places, the lights are on but the lights blink."

Guru das, resident of Ace Aspire says, “Conduct a small survey, you will find that 22 out of 43 polls have problems. The same will be the case with the entire extension. I wonder what's our future?"

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CitySpidey contacted Amandeep Duli, ACEO, Greater Noida Authority and shared the concerns of Greater Noida West residents. He says, “Today, I had assigned a squad with the DGM electricity to have a look at the specific areas of Greater Noida West. The problem emerges with the third party who are stealing electricity, breaking wires, and removing the phase of the power connection. Nevertheless, we will identify dark areas, and if we find out 3rd party problems, we will find out who is responsible, by assessing 24 hr duty of our staff. Anyone found responsible for dereliction of duty would be penalised accordingly.”