Prateek Wisteria hold meeting to discuss dog menace
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Prateek Wisteria hold meeting to discuss dog menace

Residents pledged to come up with a solution

Prateek Wisteria hold meeting to discuss dog menace

Noida: Cases of dog bites are on the rise in reportedly, one of the most planned cities of UP, Noida. Several residents of Prateek Wisteria of sector 77 along with the AOA body, organized a meeting to address the dog bite issue on Sunday, July 31, 2022. The participants resolved to come up with a solution.

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Residents of Prateek Wisteria are in a grip of fear from stray dogs these days. Residents allege that cases of dog bites have become very frequent. As a result, many of them are afraid of moving out and especially, letting their children out of their homes.

During the meeting, both AOA members and residents suggested methods to curb this issue. They primarily discussed that pet lovers should feed stray dogs outside the society gate and not inside the society so that residents can walk freely. Secondly, they also discussed examining the behavioral changes with some veterinary doctors.

Residents alleged that despite regular complaints, Noida Authority is not providing any solution to the problem. Nitesh Ranjan, the AOA President says, "We have seven community dogs in the society right from the time people started shifting here in 2015-16, and since then, the residents have been facing the issue of dog biting. After Covid, there has been a certain behavioural change in the stray dogs. Now, they have become more aggressive and the biting incidents have increased to the tune of almost two major incidents of Dog Biting per month."

He adds that kids are unable to go out of their flats on their own to play or to spend time outside. Senior citizens too have been suffering the most as they are afraid and can't even walk freely.

As gathered, AOA has even approached the CM of Uttar Pradesh to step in and offer some remedies, but nothing has transpired as of yet, they say.

Additionally, they have received assistance from local dog support groups, which have promised to collaborate to find practical and sensible solutions to this problem.