Kapil Sharma, aiming to deliver a hit as a 'Zwigato' guy
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Kapil Sharma, aiming to deliver a hit as a 'Zwigato' guy

The trailer for this Nandita Das directorial has finally dropped

Kapil Sharma, aiming to deliver a hit as a 'Zwigato' guy

After its successful screening at Toronto Film Festival, the trailer for the much anticipated Kapil Sharma starrer Zwigato has finally dropped. In this Nandita Das directorial, Kapil Sharma can be seen in the role of a delivery guy, who grapples with getting ratings and incentives, all the while trying to strike a professional and personal life balance. Opposite Kapil Sharma is Shahana Goswami, playing his wife.

The trailer starts with Sharma carrying a tower of pizza boxes to deliver. He sees a notice that reads that delivery boys aren't allowed to use the lift, forcing him to take the stairs to do the delivery. Further, the trailer delves into the conversations Sharma has with his family. He aims to do ten deliveries in a day and get good ratings, so as to get an incentive. He is also seen struggling with making ends meet with this job. His wife also decides to take up a job to support the family.

The official synopsis of the movie reads,  "the film is about an ex-floor manager of a factory who loses his job during the pandemic. He then works as a food delivery rider, grappling with the world of ratings and incentives. To support the income, his homemaker wife begins to explore different work opportunities, with fear but also the excitement of a new found independence. The film is about the relentlessness of life, but not without their shared moments of joy."

In this post-pandemic world, losing employment and taking up jobs such as that of a delivery boy has become a common phenomenon, making the film relevant in current times. The delivery people are also an underrepresented lot in the mainstream media. Thus, the film is expected to give a much-needed insight into their lives and problems. The trailer looks promising, with good acting performances by both the leads.

The film is set to screen in Asia at Busan Film Festival to be held in the second week of October 2022.