Celebrate ‘joy of giving’ with Mavenfloc in your community
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Celebrate ‘joy of giving’ with Mavenfloc in your community

Mavenfloc, an NGO, is organising a drive to collect and distribute clothes and footwear to the needy

Celebrate ‘joy of giving’ with Mavenfloc in your community

New Delhi: If you want to streamline your wardrobe and racks full of clothes and footwear that you don't wear anymore, you can now put them to sound, noble use by giving them to the needy and underprivileged who need them this winter. Your clothes and footwear, which may end up somewhere inside your closet or almirahs, could comfort someone who desperately needs them and would also bless you in prayers.

To help them with your support, Mavenfloc is organizing 'joy of giving' this winter, taking kinds of stuff from your community to distribute in the clusters of underprivileged people, preferably in the same locality.

Vice president of Mavenfloc, Rocky Verma, says, “This is an initiative in which the privileged would help the underprivileged with usable items like clothes, footwear, etc. that they no longer need. We would collect such donations and distribute them in underprivileged sections, preferably in the same area. We will connect the two communities living together for a noble cause.”

These boxes would be placed inside some gated societies in Dwarka and Noida in association with SpideyManage, where they operate, with the help of respective RWAs, and also at some commercial complexes so that community people could easily donate their spare clothes and footwear.

Avinash Singh, treasurer of Mavenfloc, says, “This is to support the poorer section of the society. If one wants to donate money, one can also do that. The amount would be exempt from Income Tax under 80G. So, we are making winter conditions less harsh for the slum dwellers and people living on the street.”

Mavenfloc has already placed its donation boxes in the societies of Noida and Dwarka. Pururaj Singh, a member of Mavenfloc, says, “We will be carrying the campaign throughout the winter. I appeal to the community people to come forward and join hands with us in this noble cause.”