Precautions will be the best health remedy during abrupt weather change
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Precautions will be the best health remedy during abrupt weather change

Unknown weather conditions may lead to serious health problems and discomfort

Precautions will be the best health remedy during abrupt weather change

Climate change has raised the concerns all over the world amongst the climatologists, environmentalists and geoscientists. Climate change is a tedious natural process that occurs slowly and silently over the decades that remain unnoticed. All of a sudden the changes start attracting attention with unusual effects. Of late we are experiencing huge changes in the climate that is resulting into unexpected weather conditions. Sometimes we may experience excessive heat during the morning hours but in the evening it may start raining unexpectedly. Currently people are facing lots of health issues due to this kind of unpredictable weather and extra precautions are necessary to protect ourselves from further health troubles.

Unknown weather conditions may always disrupt the normal flow of life and daily routine. So our principal concern should be our daily food habit that will build up stronger resistance inside. We may follow a few things in order to gain strong immunity:

Ginger and Cardamom tea twice a day:

Two cups of spiced tea or masala chai in a day will save you from the changing weather condition. You need to add ginger, cardamom and jaggery in your tea to receive more immunity and strength. All these are high on antioxidants.

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Fruits and cereals in Breakfast:

You must have fruits like banana and apple with your breakfast cereals.  Banana will supply iron and vitamin nutrients and both banana and apple are full of antioxidants properties. So it will make your breakfast healthier for a healthy start.

Milk and other dairy products:

You must get into the habit of drinking at least one glass of milk with one pinch of turmeric in it. Children and elderly must follow it on a daily basis. Turmeric has antioxidants property and it is antiseptic too. It will help to reduce discomforts like headache or body ache.

Intake of Honey:

Honey is wonderful thing for your health and you can mix honey with tea, coffee or milk and even you may consume raw. Honey is very high on antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and it keeps the body warm in harsh cold or during sudden weather change. It can help the body to balance the external changes that it may experience for varied weather condition.

Turmeric should be added in vegetables:

Turmeric is just an excellent ingredient to cook with and it has numerous health benefits. Do not forget to add little amount of haldi or turmeric while preparing vegetables. Vegetables are necessary for health and daily intake of green vegetables is advisable to ward off health disorders.

Fruit juices for intake of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C plays very important role in building up the immunity system of the body and protects it from cold, flu, headache, and other disorders. Orange juice, Mausambi juice and grapes will help the body to receive more vitamins.  

Garlic you should include in diet:

Garlic should be included in your daily diet and that will surely do wonders. Garlic works as the world’s most powerful antioxidant. It has a great power to restore the immune system of the body. If you can chew a slice of raw garlic every morning it will give you magical results. You will not experience cold and flu during sudden change of season.

Tomato soup:

Tomato soup is a all time favourite with most of us and this time it will help to revitalize the body. During seasonal changes you must try a bowl full of tomato soup every day to save your health from various problems. Tomato has huge antioxidant properties in it and helps to rebuild the immunity system very fast.