Noida residents react to ‘one sector, one RWA’ policy
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Noida residents react to ‘one sector, one RWA’ policy

Every sector of Noida has a different geographical structure

Noida residents react to ‘one sector, one RWA’ policy

Noida: The Noida authority has recently announced plans to dissolve 30 Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in the 30 sectors of Noida, which has caused panic among the affected RWAs. The authority has sent a letter to the Deputy Registrar of Meerut requesting action to end the existence of these 30 extra RWAs, as there are already 120 RWAs present for the 90 residential sectors in the city. The authority claims that these extra RWAs often create conflicts, which can lead to problems.

However, the RWAs have different opinions on the matter. Pulkit Gupta, general secretary of RWA sector 51 block A&B, stated that it is not easy for one RWA to manage a big sector like 51 and that every sector has different geographical structures and problems, which cannot be measured by a single parameter. He also said that they will check if the authority can dissolve a registered RWA according to laws.

Pulkit Gupta

Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of RWA sector 51 block C, D, E & F, welcomed the decision of the Noida authority, but also stated that practically, it is not possible for a single RWA to manage a vast area like sector 51, which is around 4-5 km. He also blamed the Deputy Registrar for registering all the RWAs.

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Sanjeev Kumar

K.K. Jain, general secretary of FONRWA, said that technically, the authority was right and that there should be only one RWA in every sector to avoid chaos and contradictions between RWAs.

K.K. Jain

Abhishek Kumar, President of NEFOWA, disagreed and said that it was a wrong move taken by the authority as one RWA cannot manage a vast area alone. He suggested that the authorities should rethink the matter and that they would write a letter to the authority regarding this.

Abhishek Kumar
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Laxmi Narayan, President of RWA sector 19, welcomed the decision of the authority and said that they have been demanding it. He also suggested that there should be only one RWA in the sector to make it easier to work and avoid contradictions between RWAs.

The authority has emphasized that in reality, there should be only 90 RWAs in the 90 sectors of the city, and action should be taken to end the extra RWAs in the city.