It's not just the fee hikes, say parents...
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It's not just the fee hikes, say parents...

Schools have found other ways of exploiting them as well. Here’s how.

It's not just the fee hikes, say parents...

The torment of parents these days is not just restricted to school fees. They are being forced to pay exorbitant amounts for uniforms and books, to be bought compulsorily from the school!  

The schools sell books, uniform and stationery at rates 30-50 per cent higher than the market prices.

K Arunchalam, general secretary of both All Noida School Parents’ Association and Cambridge School Parents’ Association, said, “The name of the school is written on the uniform, so no one can buy it from outside. Cambridge sells a shirt for Rs 400, when the same is available for Rs 230 in the market. The quality, too, is extremely shoddy.”

Arunchalam also added that an NCERT book for Class VI costs Rs 260 normally, but the same is sold for Rs 380 at the school.  

SK Singh, a parent whose ward studies in Somerville School, Sector 22, Noida, said, “My son has three school uniforms — a regular dress, a white dress and a house dress. In just two years, the uniforms no longer fit, so it’s a huge waste of money.”

He added, “There’s a winter uniform too. Sometimes, you need to rent costumes for Rs 700 to Rs 1,000.”

When City Spidey tried to contact the officials of Somerville and Cambridge schools, they were unavailable for comment.

Bheem Singh, district inspector of schools, said he had indeed received a lot of complaints from parents regarding fee hikes and other issues. He added, "We have sent notices to schools and are waiting for them to give us answer."