Vaibhav Khand streets inundated with overflowing sewer water
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Vaibhav Khand streets inundated with overflowing sewer water

Chakresh Jain, GDA executive engineer, said most Indirapuram societies were guilty of connecting sewer lines to stormwater drains, which caused the sewers to choke and hence overflow.

Vaibhav Khand streets inundated with overflowing sewer water

Residents of Vaibhav Khand in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, are exasperated with overflowing sewers in their area.

Pedestrians face a tough time walking down the stretch between societies Lotus Pond and Krishna Apra Sapphire, as the road is partially submerged in sewer water. 

A resident of Lotus Pond told City Spidey that the problem had resurfaced after several months. He said last time the problem had been solved after GDA had cleaned the underground sewer pipelines.

Sanat Tripathi, AOA president of Lotus Pond, said he had already contacted Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) officials and reported the matter.

Kusum Sharma, another resident of the society, told City Spidey that the overflowing water gave the otherwise-clean neighbourhood a shabby appearance.

Residents also said that the water accumulated along the society boundary walls was seeping in and damaging the walls.

City Spidey discussed the issue with Chakresh Jain, executive engineer of GDA. Jain said the issue would be sorted out after routine cleaning of the sewer lines. He pointed out that the connecting stormwater drains to the sewer lines were the main reason for the blockage in sewer lines, which caused the overflowing.



"The sewer lines are not meant to carry solid waste such as plastic," explained Jain. "Connecting them to uncovered stormwater drains causes the sewer line to choke, as they are filled up with solid waste. Most Indirapuram societies are guilty of connecting the sewer line to stormwater drains."

On being asked about how to check the problem, Jain said GDA did not have sufficient manpower or resources to stop it. "It depends on the awareness of residents, as the sewer lines are meant for them," Jain added.