Why traffic snarls are a routine affair on this road
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Why traffic snarls are a routine affair on this road

Gurgaon: Commuters say crossing this road, which runs between sectors 30 and 31, takes no less than 45 minutes.

Why traffic snarls are a routine affair on this road

One of the three routes which connects Gurgaon to Delhi and is used by thousands of commuters daily is the road running between the sectors 30 and 31 in Gurgaon. It is also one of those important roads in the city that has a large number of commercial establishments and residential societies located along it. Heavy traffic is the norm of the day.

However, crossing this stretch is no mean feat. With bad road conditions and encroachments along the roadsides, traffic jams are also a routine affair.

“The waiting time during peak hours used to be around 20 to 25 minutes. But with so much going on now, it takes me at least 45 minutes to pass this stretch,” says Mohit Sharma a resident of Sector 40.

One of the major causes of traffic jams is lack of parking space that causes commuters to park their cars along the road and in the service lane. This congests the road and creates a bottleneck. 

While the deputy commissioner, traffic, claims that the situation is a temporary one and would be sorted out within ten days, residents say that even after two months, the situation has hardly changed.

Residents of South City I and sectors 30, 31 and 40 have also been complaining about the unfinished repair work in front of their societies.

According to commuters, what can help solve the traffic situation in the area is the presence of policemen, at least during the peak hours, to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Residents in the area have also been demanding a footbridge, cycle tracks, footpaths, proper signage, zebra crossing and speed breakers to alleviate the situation.

When City Spidey spoke to Balbir Singh, DCP (traffic), he said, “I have directed the Sector 40 SHO to deploy a PCR van and have deployed traffic personnel on the stretch to ensure smooth flow of traffic.”