Hard Cash Day 28: Piggy bank to the rescue!
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Hard Cash Day 28: Piggy bank to the rescue!

Never thought your small savings could amount to much? Maybe you'll rethink that after you hear of how it helped this family in Noida.

Hard Cash Day 28: Piggy bank to the rescue! Picture used for representative purpose only

The demonetisation is seeing residents ransack every avenue to deal with the situation. Some have even resorted to breaking their piggy banks to meet their day-to-day expenses. The Singh family in Sector 19, Noida, is one such.

When Naveen Singh withdrew money from the bank sometime in mid-November, he received only 2,000-rupee notes. “We don’t have change,” was the common reply from most local shopkeepers. They were unwilling to accept the note. Meeting the daily needs of the household had become a challenge for Singh.

But his wife Sunita Singh had an ace up her sleeve — her piggy bank. After breaking the piggy bank, she was overjoyed to find a total of Rs 3,463 in it. This, she said, she had been saving up for a gold chain for herself.

She told City Spidey, “I used to put 10-, 20- and 50-rupee notes in the piggy bank whenever I got loose change. It was this money that finally came in handy when we were really in need of money.”

Naveen Singh is proud of his wife’s modest savings. “We’ll start saving again so she can buy the gold chain she wants,” he said.