Activists from across cities come together to rescue sick dog
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Activists from across cities come together to rescue sick dog

The dog is suffering from a tumour on its chest, which could be the result of intense breeding.

Activists from across cities come together to rescue sick dog Picture used for representative purpose only

Coordination among animal rights activists from across Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Rohtak helped rescue a critically ill dog from the captivity of a breeder in Nangal Kalan, a village in Sonepat, Haryana.

Radha, an 8-year-old Pomeranian, is suffering from a large tumour on its chest. Jaishree Bansal, president of Helping Hands For Animals (HHFA), an NGO, says that the tumour could be the result of intense breeding. The dog requires immediate surgery and proper medication.

Radha was to be relocated to HHFA’s new shelter in Dadri on Wednesday but was directly taken to Dr Pathak, a vet, in Kavinagar, Ghaziabad, on Thursday due to its deteriorating health. The place is a100 km away from the village where she was rescued.

Activists in Ghaziabad came to know about her about a month ago through a post on Facebook. The rescue was routed through Pooja Shrivastava, a resident of Crossings Republik who contacted Tapsi Vidyarthi, a resident of Gurgaon. Vidyarthi then contacted Sunny Malik, who runs a cow shelter in Rohtak.

Radha was rescued by Sunny who brought her to Bahadurgarh from where it took just a reluctant taxi driver and a long drive to the vet's place.

Radha’s original owner has refused to take any responsibility and also doesn't want to pay for her treatment. But the activists are thankful to the philanthropists who made sure that they could gather enough funds for the dog’s surgery.

Bansal added that Radha’s condition had worsened due to lack of proper treatment facilities in Sonepat.

Those who care about Radha are keeping their fingers crossed as results of her blood tests are being awaited. They are expected to be out by the morning of June 10. If things go well, Radha will undergo surgery tomorrow.


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