Why some parks in Dwarka are unsafe...
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Why some parks in Dwarka are unsafe...

Despite the sub city being one of DDA’s well-planned projects, many residents feel that its parks attract anti-social elements.

Why some parks in Dwarka are unsafe... The walkway at Plaza Park, Sector 6

Dwarka, one of the well planned projects of Delhi Development Authority, has hundreds of parks either under the authority or the municipal corporation. However, most are considered unsafe after dark by residents.

The parks either have no lights or the lighting is inadequate, with the result that they attract anti-social elements and drug addicts. Residents blame the civic bodies and the police for the state of affairs.

Some of the big parks such as the DDA park in Sector 5, Plaza park in Sector 6, district parks in sectors 13, 17and 10, and neighbourhood parks in sectors 22 and 23, which witness a high footfall, also suffer from poor lighting.

MS Suri, vice-president of New Millennium Apartments, Sector 23, says, “There are two big district parks behind our society. Both have lights but the lighting is dim at many places. In small parks, there is no light.”

Residents also find the maintenance of the electrical infrastructure not up to mark. Madhvi Kane a resident of Sector 6 and a regular visitor at Plaza Park, says, “The lighting along the track is ok but it’s dark in the middle of the park. Along the walkway, some bulbs are non-functional. In a nutshell, despite the electrical infrastructure, the situation is unsatisfactory.”

Ravi Bahal, an elderly resident of Grand State Apartments, Sector 22, says, “The passages to the parks in the area are completely dark. The roads around the parks in Sector 22 are dark which is unsafe for visitors. Our district park near the mall in Sector 22 is a well-lit park. But, the areas around it are dark.”

Meanwhile, DDA and MCD officials say that monitoring and maintenance of the lighting in parks was being done and those parks that had no lighting would get proper lighting in the coming months.