Homebuyers go on indefinite hunger strike outside Amrapali's office
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Homebuyers go on indefinite hunger strike outside Amrapali's office

They have been without food since yesterday, but no one from the builder's side or the government have met them as yet.

Homebuyers go on indefinite hunger strike outside Amrapali's office

Having paid majority of the flat price to Amrapali Group for buying properties in housing projects across Noida and Greater Noida, homebuyers have now been collecting donation from the fellow buyers to fight against the builder. 

Buyers of different housing projects on Sunday donated hundred-rupee notes to hire a tent as they have been on hunger strike since yesterday. 

The strike, that was started by a group of buyers of Amrapali Dream Valley, a residential project in Noida Extension (or Greater Noida West), has gained support from buyers of different Amrapali’s housing projects in Noida and Greater Noida. 

KK Kaushal, a buyer, said they had been on the hunger strike since yeaterday morning and had even spent their night outside the builder's office. They were hoping the builder would come and meet them. But acting as apathetic as ever, no one from the realty giant's side turned up. The buyers then decided to continue the strike further. 

Kaushal said since many buyers of different housing projects by Amrapali Group had joined the strike, they were arranging for a place for them to sit comfortably. "We have requested fellow buyers to contribute money for setting up a tent outside the builder's office. He said the response was so good that it took barely a minute to fill up an empty 2-litre plastic container with their contributions.  



He said the money will be used to to buy drinking water and first-aid for those on the hunger strike.  

Ravindra Kumar Jha, another buyer, said that almost 36 hours have passed since they had started the strike, but neither the builder nor any government officials had come to meet them despite being aware of the strike.  

“Our fight against Amrapali will continue until the government assures us in writing when we will receive possession of our flats," said Jha. "We have adopted all means to get possession of our flats but in vain. This time, we won't we will not stop our strike until we have a realistic date from the builder.” 

Kamal Arora, another buyer, blamed the government authority's inaction that had led them to go on an indefinite hunger strike. He said, ‘’We have put a tent on the entry gate of the builder’s corporate office and won’t leaving the place until we have an assurance from the government about our flat-possession in writing."

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